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Laser Hair Removal Burnaby Metrotown

Experience Laser Hair Removal in Burnaby for silky, hair-free skin. Utilizing advanced laser technology, we target unwanted hair at the root for long-lasting results. Try Laser Hair Removal Burnaby today.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?


Why Choose Laser Hair Removal in Burnaby?


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal Price



Laser hair removal for smooth skin

What is Laser Hair Removal?

A close-up photo showing a person's hand wearing a blue glove, holding a test tube filled with a yellowish liquid layered over red liquid in front of a PRP machine. The machine is mostly white with some blue details. PRP, which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, is often used to help heal burns and injuries. The lab is very clean and has equipment that spins the blood to separate the parts. This helps get the PRP ready for doctors to use.

What does the machine do?

First, Laser Hair Removal uses a special machine. This machine sends out light that goes right to the hair. The light is very strong and can stop the hair from growing back.

This photo shows the back of a person's head while they are getting PRP therapy. The person's hair is short and brown. A doctor's hand, wearing a light blue glove, is giving the treatment with a syringe. PRP therapy is a special treatment where a part of the blood called platelets is used to help the body heal. The picture is very clear and shows how the doctor carefully does the treatment. People get PRP therapy for different reasons, and this person is having it done probably to help their hair grow better or heal. The background is light-colored and blurry, so we focus on the treatment. This is how PRP therapy looks like in action.

How does it feel?

When you get Laser Hair Removal, it might feel like a quick snap with a rubber band. It’s really fast and targets only the hair, not the skin. So, it helps you get smooth skin without much pain. promoting healthier and fuller growth.

In this close-up picture, we see a person getting PRP therapy. You can see the person's skin and short, dark hair. A doctor with blue gloves is holding a small needle very close to the person's head. The needle is part of the PRP therapy, which helps people in many ways, like making hair strong and healthy. The blue gloves are the kind that doctors wear, and the needle is really thin. Everything else is blurry, so we focus on the PRP therapy happening. This kind of therapy uses a special part of the blood to help the body. The photo helps us see how doctors do PRP therapy carefully.

How to prepare?

Before starting, the person doing your treatment will clean the area where you want to remove hair. This is to make sure it’s all safe and clean. Then, they will use the laser machine to remove the hair.

This image shows a person's hand in a clear glove holding up a test tube. Inside the test tube, there's a golden-yellow liquid on top of a dark red liquid. This is a picture of PRP therapy preparation. PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, which doctors use to help people heal their injuries faster. The top part of the test tube has the platelets, which are really important for healing. The test tube has a blue cap and a purple line down the side, which might be for measuring. The background is very light and out of focus so that we can see the test tube clearly. The hand is holding the test tube gently and carefully to show how delicate PRP therapy work is.

What happens after treatment?

After the treatment, you might see a little redness, but it goes away quickly. The hair will fall out on its own in a few days. You’ll see how the hair grows much slower and less after a few sessions.

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Why Choose Laser Hair Removal in Burnaby?

Here we see a woman with her eyes closed and a hand in pink gloves holding a syringe above her face. The syringe is getting ready to do a PRP therapy treatment. PRP therapy uses the healing parts of your own blood to make you feel better. The syringe has a green cap and clear markings on it, and it looks like it's filled with a clear liquid. The woman has long dark hair and looks calm. The pink gloves tell us that the person with the syringe knows how to do this special treatment safely. Everything behind the woman is white and soft, which makes us look at the syringe and the treatment. This is what it looks like when someone gets PRP therapy for their skin.

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First, choosing Laser Hair Removal in Burnaby is smart because it helps you stop shaving or waxing all the time. It’s a way to keep your skin smooth for a long time without those daily hassles.

In the picture, we see a person wearing a white coat and blue gloves holding a test tube. The test tube has a green cap and two different colors inside: the top is a light yellow, and the bottom is dark red. This is how PRP therapy starts. PRP means Platelet-Rich Plasma, and that's the yellow part at the top. It's used by doctors to help our bodies heal from injuries or operations. The red part is the rest of the blood. The hands are holding the tube carefully, and the background is light and not too busy, so we can really see the colors in the tube. This shows us a part of what happens in PRP therapy.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s safe. Our licensed medical aestheticians who do the treatment are trained to use the laser carefully. They make sure it’s just right for your skin and hair type, so it’s very safe and you don’t have to worry.

This image shows a woman with her eyes closed, sitting back comfortably. She's wearing a white tank top, and you can see her dark hair and earrings. In front of her, there's a hand with pink gloves holding a test tube with a green cap. The test tube has a dark red liquid at the bottom. It looks like this could be part of a PRP therapy session. The pink gloves are clean and the person is holding the test tube very carefully, right in the air in front of the woman's face. The background is soft and white. This helps us focus on the test tube and the PRP therapy process. PRP therapy uses parts of the blood to help heal the body in different ways.

Does it take long?

No, it doesn’t take long. Each session is quick, depending on where you want the hair removed. You might need a few sessions, but each one is short, so you don’t have to spend much time on it.

A woman is lying down with her eyes closed, looking relaxed. She has a white headband on, and her dark hair is pulled back. Someone in a white coat with pink gloves is giving her a treatment on her scalp. The person is using a syringe filled with a yellowish substance, which is probably PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma. PRP therapy is a way to help the body heal or to make the hair on the head look better. The pink gloves are bright, and the syringe is being held carefully over the woman's head. The room looks clean and bright, which is just right for a medical treatment like this.

Why is it worth it?

It’s worth it because you spend less time and money over the long run. You won’t need to buy razors or go for waxing appointments. After finishing all the sessions, the hair grows very slowly or might even stop growing.

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

A close-up picture shows someone's head with dark brown hair. A hand in a pink glove is holding a syringe that's touching the scalp. The syringe has a golden-yellow liquid inside, which is likely to be PRP, short for Platelet-Rich Plasma. PRP therapy is used to help hair grow and to heal. The hand in the pink glove is careful and gentle, showing that PRP therapy is a safe and focused treatment. The background is dark, making it easy to see the details of the person's hair and the syringe used in PRP therapy.

Saves time

One big benefit of Laser Hair Removal is that it saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to shave every day or book regular waxing appointments. This means more free time for you!

In this photo, we see a hand with pink gloves holding a test tube with a green cap. The tube is filled with a dark red liquid and is being placed into a machine with round openings, which is likely a centrifuge used in PRP therapy. The centrifuge machine spins the blood to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood. This process is important in PRP therapy because it helps collect the healing parts of the blood. The person in the white coat with the pink gloves is doing this task carefully. The machine and the test tube are the main things we can see, with a clean, white background that keeps our focus on the PRP therapy process.

Long-lasting results

Unlike shaving or waxing, Laser Hair Removal in Burnaby gives you results that last a long time. After a few sessions, the hair grows back slower and lighter, and sometimes it stops coming back at all.

This image shows a woman sitting in a white chair in the background, looking to the side with her eyes open. She's wearing a white tank top, and you can see she has long dark hair. In the foreground, a hand with pink gloves is placing a test tube with a green cap into a machine. The tube is filled with dark red liquid, possibly blood for PRP therapy. PRP therapy is used to help the body heal by using the healing components of the patient's own blood. The pink gloves stand out against the white background, focusing our attention on the action of putting the test tube into the machine, which is part of the PRP therapy preparation.

Less pain

Laser Hair Removal is less painful compared to waxing. The laser targets only the hair follicle and not the skin, which means less discomfort for you during the process. Another benefit is that it can make your skin feel smoother and look clearer. Because you’re not shaving or waxing, your skin is less likely to get irritated or have bumps.

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Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Small Area

$29 per session (3 session minimum)

Medium Area

$49 per session (3 session minimum)

Large Area

$89 per session (3 session minimum)


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